Welcome To B.L.Iqbal Hussain Jamaluddin Company

Specialist in :
Exterior Waterproofing, Exterior Waterproofing Painting & Plumbing, Interior & Renovation.

Marble, Tiles, Granites, Plastering, Platform, Plumbing, Carpentry, Aluminium Sliding Doors & Windows & Painting Contractors.

Infrastructure :

We have our own equipment like steel and bamboo scaffolding, pumps, trolleys, machinery etc. We believe that the site should never loose crucial time for want of machinery and materials.

Work Force :

We have a large work force of about 50 skilled and unskilled labourers and a team of 5 well trained supervisors to look after the work carried out on day to day basis by the labourers.

Commitment :

We believe that only the sincere and honest survive in this competitive world. Hence quality and due negligence are the key words in our work.

List Of Personnel

Following is the list of workers in our firm.

1 Site Supervisor 1 No.
2 Mukadam 1 No.
3 Mason 5 No.
4 Carpenters 1 No.
5 Fitters 1 No.
6 Helpers 15 No.
7 Plumber 3 No.

Following is the list of plants / equipments to be used for the said works.

1 Scaffolding For entire building
2 Steel Plans 1 No.
3 Marble Granite Cutting Machine 1 No.
4 Grinders 1 No.
5 Drill Machine 1 No.
6 Hem bring for braking machine 1 No.
7 Full Z spray wash machine 1 No.
8 Exterior paint machine 1 No.
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